Dyson Pure Cool TP04 vs Honeywell HPA300 Comparison- which is better?

The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 and Honeywell HPA300 are both popular air purifiers, each offering superior air filtration capabilities. However, in comparison the Dyson WiFi-enabled Pure Cool TP04 offers a more advanced option with 360º purification, delivering purified air throughout every corner of the room as opposed to the Honeywell HPA300 which offers a 3-stage filtering system that is great for capturing large dust particles but lacks in small particle filtration and coverage. In conclusion, the Dyson Pure Cool TP04 provides superior all-around air purification capabilities for larger rooms and isonceptually a smarter option over the Honeywell HPA300. Dyson Pure Cool TP04 vs Honeywell HPA300 comparison is given below-

Dyson Pure Cool TP04 vs Honeywell HPA300 Comparison

The comparison of Dyson Pure Cool TP04 vs Honeywell HPA300 on some important parameters is given below-


Overall, the Honeywell HPA 300 has more features than the Dyson Pure Cool TP04. The Honeywell is easier to set up, can purify air faster, and has quieter operation. It also offers a wider range of fan speeds than the TP04 from Dyson. In contrast, the TP04 has a more stylish look and is considerably lighter in weight. Depending on individual preferences, either can be considered better.


The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 has a weight of 15.2lbs, where as the Honeywell HPA300 has a weight of 16.7lbs. Both are fairly light compared to other models on the market, but the Dyson Pure Cool is slightly lighter than the Honeywell model.

In terms of which one is better, it largely depends on your particular set up and needs. The Honeywell HPA300 offers more features such as three fan speeds and an auto-dim display, while the Dyson has a sleeker design. Ultimately it comes down to preferences.

Coverage- Which room size it is best for?

Both the Dyson Pure Cool TP04 and the Honeywell HPA300 purifiers have their own unique features that make them good choices for certain room sizes.The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 is best suited for smaller rooms, up to 250 square feet, while the Honeywell HPA300 is better suited for larger areas, up to 465 square feet.

The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 has an advanced filtration system that helps capture 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, and 360-degree air delivery for even coverage. On the other hand, the Honeywell HPA300 comes with 4-stage filtration but only covers up to 310 square feet of space around it. Therefore, if you’re looking for a purifier to cover a medium sized room, then the Dyson Pure Cool TP04 is your best bet.

CADR and Filters- Life, replacement and Indicators

The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 and Honeywell HPA300 both feature CADR ratings which measure the cubic feet per minute of filtered air delivered. The Dyson has a higher CADR rating of 270, while the Honeywell has a rating of 250.

The two models also have different filters. The Dyson uses a HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or bigger in size, while the Honeywell has an odor-reducing carbon pre-filter and HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of particles up to 0.3 microns. The Honeywell’s filters also last longer, with an average life span of 6-8 months versus 4 months for the Dyson filters.

When it comes to filter replacement indicators, the Dyson is superior as it features a unique LCD display on the back that indicates when to change your filter with a countdown timer and desktop application notifications. The Honeywell does not feature any kind of filter indicator system so filter changes must be performed manually and on schedule for optimal performance.

In conclusion, when it comes to CADR rating, filters quality and lifespan, as well as the practicality (indicator) of regular filter replacement;the Dyson Pure Cool TP04 is the better option vs Honeywell HPA 300

Modes, Wifi, Ionizer and Timer

The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 and Honeywell HPA300 are both great options when it comes to air purifiers, but the Dyson offers several advantages. First, it features a timer, sleep mode and auto mode settings that allow you to customize your air cleaning experience. This is superior to Honeywell’s single-option timer setting. Also, the TP04 has WiFi connections capabilities which allow you to control the unit from your smartphone, something that is not available in the HPA300 model. Finally, the Dyson has an ionizer which helps to reduce allergens and odors more efficiently than honeywell’s filter-focused approach. All of these combine to give the TP04 a distinct edge over its competitor in terms of quality and value for money.

Noise Levels

The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 and the Honeywell HPA300 are both efficient air purifiers, but there’s marked differences in how much noise they produce. The Dyson Purifier is relatively mute; it’s engineered with a brushless motor to make sure there’s minimal sound disruption while it runs. In comparison, the Honeywell HPA300 has higher noise levels due to its superior airflow rotation.

When it comes to deciding which one is better for quieter environments, the Dyson Pure Cool TP04 facilities a calmer setting; though some might value the increased air flow of the Honeywell HPA300 more. The decision then lies on personal preference, between sound and improved purified air quality.


The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 offers a long 5-year parts and labor warranty. On the other hand, Honeywell HPA300 has a 2-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

The Dyson Pure Cool comes with a more detailed cleaning guide compared to Honeywell’s simpler instructions on how to clean the filter. Moreover, there is evidence suggesting that the Dyson product is better at filtering out particles from the air. Therefore, providing for an overall better experience over time, Dyson Pure Cool TP04 appears to be a much better option in terms of warranty coverage and performance.


For a high-quality purifier to keep your air clean, the Dyson Pure Cool TP04 is really hard to beat. The advanced filtration system is very efficient at trapping 99.97% of dust and allergens from the air. Plus, its sleek design and quiet operation make it an attractive choice for any home.

The Honeywell HPA300 certainly has some great features as well; it can cover up to 310 square feet and also offers multiple fan speeds for efficient cooling. However, considering the stronger filtration power of the Dyson Pure Cool TP04, we’d give it the edge over the Honeywell HPA300 in terms of overall performance and quality.


Dyson Pure Cool TP04 vs Honeywell HPA300- which is better and why?

Final Conclusion:
Dyson Pure Cool TP04 vs Honeywell HPA300 Comparison-

• When comparing the Dyson Pure Cool TP04 and the Honeywell HPA300, both offer powerful air purifying options that are designed to help keep indoor air clean and pure.

• The Dyson offers a more comprehensive filtration system with its triple layer filtration process which captures various particles such as dust, pollen and other airborne contaminants more efficiently than the Honeywell’s single-stage filter.

• The Dyson has an additional ozone-free UV-C filter which helps to eliminate germs within your living or working space for unsurpassed air purity and peace of mind.

• The Honeywell is designed to quickly filter through large amounts of air very quickly, making it a great choice for individuals who have broader needs but a smaller budget.

• In terms of design, the TP04 features an aesthetically pleasing tower shape while the HPA300 consists of a more traditional boxy shape design which may not fit all décor styles as well as the Dyson.

In conclusion, when it comes to air purifiers, both the Dyson Pure Cool TP04 and the Honeywell HPA300 offer excellent solutions for anyone wanting to improve their indoor air quality. For those looking for higher levels of filtration efficiency however, it is clear that the Tp04 from Dyson is the superior choice.



What are the key differences between Dyson Pure Cool TP04 and Honeywell HPA300?

The most notable differences between Dyson Pure Cool TP04 and Honeywell HPA300 are in their design, noise levels, air filtering capabilities, and price. The Dyson is slimline and more aesthetically pleasing than the Honeywell, but it is also a fair bit louder when operating on high settings. In terms of air filtering technology, the Dyson uses an advanced 360 degree Glass HEPA filter to efficiently capture odors, allergens, dust mites, pet dander and other airborne particles whereas the Honeywell uses a standard filter to clean particles from the environment. Lastly, the Dyson costs significantly more than the Honeywell model.

Is one option better at removing airborne pollutants than the other?

Yes, both options are capable of removing airborne pollutants but the Dyson Pure Cool TP04’s 360 Degree Glass HEPA filter is more effective at capturing microscopic particles from your indoor air than what you would find with the standard air filter in the Honeywell HPA300 model.

Does either option offer additional features?

Yes—both Dyson and Honeywell offer additional features that could be helpful for users looking for an enhanced experience with either option. For example, with the Dyson Pure Cool TP04 you can enjoy Night-Mode cooling by dimming its LED lights as well as oscillation control allowing you to direct airflow where it’s needed most, while with the Honeywell HPA300 you get automatic fan speed adjustment based on room temperature changes as well as TurboClean mode for incredibly powerful cleaning performance during allergy seasons or if there’s been an increase in smoking within your home.

How loud is each product when operating on high speeds?

Unfortunately both products may be quite loud when operation on high speeds; however, due to its smaller size motor compared to its competitor -the Honeywell-, noise levels produced by the Dyson Pure Cool TP04 while on max speed are marginally lower (max 67 dB) compared to what you would expect from running a similar size fan around 70 dB with typical tower fans such as those found in many households today.

Can I control either unit through my smartphone or devices?

Yes! Both units can be controlled via their respective apps so that you don’t have to manually adjust them whenever you want; simply install their app –Dyson Link (for Dyson) or MyTotalConnectComfort (for Honeywell) depending on which one you own– establish connectivity between device and your phone/smart device and then take advantage of various functions such as scheduling cleaning times or changing fan settings remotely


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