Do Space Heaters Save Money? – [The Truth Is Here]

If the surrounding environment of the place you are living in has a cold climate, then it is quite challenging for you to increase the indoor temperature of your home without even exceeding your budget for the monthly electricity bill.

For this reason, most homeowners opt for a good quality space heater so they don’t need to worry much about the electricity bill at the end of the month.

So, the question that may pop up in your mind right now is – “Do space heaters save money?”

Well, in today’s post, I am going to share a detailed discussion on space heater saving money where I will try to answer some questions like, “Do portable heaters save money?” or “Will a space heater save me money?”

At the same time, I will also try to share some of the most effective tips regarding how to save money when you use a space heater.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into this discussion….

How Does A Space Heater Work?

will space heater save money

If you really want to know whether a space heater saves money or not, it is essential for you to have a clear idea about the working principle of a space heater.

Well, in this case, the very first thing I would like to share with you is that the working principle of the space heaters usually varies depending on the type of space heater you have.

For example, a convection space heater may heat the air in a room whereas a radiative space heater will heat the objects of the room (instead of warming the indoor air).

Every heater features a heating element that you have to activate by setting up the temperature using the Control Panel of the device.

A convection space heater typically starts to warm up the air in the room when the heating element of the device is turned on. And, when the thermostat of this space heater type senses that the temperature has reaches the desired level of the user, then the heating element gets automatically shut down. This heating element of the convection space heater starts to heat the air again when the temperature of the room gets a drop over time.

On the other hand, a radiative space heater mainly emits radiation created by the heating element of this device. Then the radiation touches the absorbing surface of the objects of your room in order to warm them up. In this way, the objects of the room get heated up, and consequently, the temperature of your room reaches your desired level.

Do Space Heaters Save Money?

do portable heaters save money

Now let’s get back to our main topic which is – “Does a space heater save money?”

Well, at the very beginning, let me be very clear that it is in no way possible to give you a straightforward answer to this question.

The only short answer I can provide you with at this point is – it depends.

Actually, some crucial factors can determine whether a space heater can save money. The most important of these factors include –

  • Electricity cost in the area you live in.
  • The amount of electricity consumed by your space heater.
  • The cost of running your central heating system.
  • The amount of time required for heating your room.

If an efficient Central Heating System is installed in your home that doesn’t cost much, then using a space heater for heating up your home may not be one of those cheapest or efficient ways to heat the indoor areas of your home.

However, if the central heating system installed in your home is not an efficient one, then using a good quality space heater can certainly save you money.

At the same time, if you use a space heater for heating up selected rooms or areas of your home, then it can be assured that a space heater can save you money.

How Can You Save Money With A Space Heater?

When you have a new heat source (a space heater in this case), it means that the total consumption of monthly energy at your home gets an increase.

So, if you can act smartly, it is possible that you can save money with a space heater.

The KEY thing to do here is to identify the rooms in your home that are used more frequently like your bedroom.

Besides, there are also some other crucial things that you can do even before buying your space heater in order to save money even when using a space heater.

Let’s get to know about it in detail…

  • Go For An Energy Efficient Space Heater

The first step that you can perform in this case is to manage or purchase a space heater that is energy efficient. Before we move forward, I would like to recommend you to check out the reviews of the 10 best energy-efficient space heaters in 2021 so you can easily get the perfect one for your home without any hassle.

In this case, if you purchase an old-fashioned space heater, then there is a higher level of chance that it will draw tons of POWER the moment you turn on the device. And, consequently, it will add up the use of electricity which will surely increase your month-end electricity bill.

So, this is not recommended at all!!!

On the other hand, if you use a modern-day space heater that is comparatively an EFFICIENT one, it can smartly save you money.

Here, in this case, the main objective is to save money. So, it is certain that you may want to save money right from the beginning – the moment you are going to buy a space heater.

For Your Information, if you want to save money right at the beginning when you are in the decision-making procedure of buying a space heater, then I must warn you that it is completely a wrong approach.

If you decide on purchasing one of the cheapest space heaters, then it is affirmative that you won’t be able to get a smart or efficient space heater model.

So, I would recommend you to choose a space heater that can save you money for the long term even if you have to spend a few more bucks right at the buying stage.

  • Lower the Temperature Option of the Thermostat
do space heaters save money

At this point, I would assume that you have already purchased a space heater and installed it at your home.

Now, if you think that plugging in your space heater and turning it on can save you money, then you are completely wrong, my friend.

If you really want to decrease the use of energy consumption and make some extra savings on your electricity bill at the end of the month, then you have to make a KEY change.

In the following, I will tell you more about this KEY change –

The change I am talking about here is about bringing down the temperature of the thermostat that actually controls the overall atmosphere inside your home.

Changing the thermostat of your space heater to a few degrees may not sound a big deal to you, but in reality, it can surely create a great impact on the monthly energy consumption in your home.

I recommend you also check out SAEC to find out more about this topic.

Choose the Rooms Carefully For Heating Up with Your Space Heater

When you have set the thermostat to a lower setting, you have to choose the rooms in your home very carefully for using your space heater to heat those rooms.

If you can target the areas of your home in the most efficient way, it will help you make a perfect balance between savings and comfort. And, this is what every homeowner would want to experience if he really wants to save money on the electricity bill at the end of the month.

will a space heater save me money

If you want to warm up all the rooms in your home, remember that it will surely waste energy. And, consequently, it will increase your electricity bill at the end of the month.

Therefore, it is recommended you have to target the rooms of your home for heating up more carefully before turning on your space heater. Trust me, if you do so, it will surely bring you some savings on your electricity bill at the end of the month.

Most Effective Tips For Saving Money While Using A Space Heater

As I have stated earlier, I will share some of the most effective tips on saving money while using a space heater in this discussion.

It is now time to keep my promise – sharing the most efficient tips on saving money while using a space heater:

  • Safety should always be your top priority.
  • Be gentle with the settings of your space heater.
  • Choose an appropriate dress, if possible.
  • Trying out different positions while keeping the space heater in your room.
  • Experiment with different thermostat settings of your space heater.

Final Words

It is no denial that a space heater plays a significant role when it comes to heating up the rooms of your home. And, it becomes even more important especially for those who live in cold areas.

However, it is also important to bring down the overall usage of energy so it won’t bring an electricity bill with a higher cost at the end of the month.

In the above thoughtful discussion, I have tried to answer one very important question which is – “Do space heaters save money?”

At the same time, I have also tried to educate you about the most efficient ways to use a space heater which can ultimately save you money.

I am quite sure that you have got an appropriate answer to your question on – “will a space heater save me money?”

Still, if you have any kind of confusion in this regard, you can send me a message explaining your problem without any hesitation.

This is all I had for you this time.

See You Soon!


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